Graceful Wings Shoe Stuffers by Imagine It Done

Protect My Shoes

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Lisa Jacobs, founder and CEO of Imagine it Done, changes lives everyday by bringing order, function and beauty to homes in the NY and Tristate area. As a queen of organized living, Lisa also shares tips and hacks to her large social media following, making the art of organizing accessible for us all.

With the Protect My Shoes design philosophy to create stylish and practical shoe care essentials, collaborating on a special pair of our patented shoe cushions with Imagine it Done made perfect sense.

Lisa’s love for butterflies inspired this elegant design in a soft gray palette. Butterflies symbolize transformation, change and hope. With that in mind, we hope that these handmade shoe cushions will transform and elevate your shoe care regimen.

Shoe Care is No Longer Boring

Easily insert our patented shoe inserts for stylish + long-term protection. Prevent wrinkling, creasing and stretching. It's that effortless!


Travel with Peace of Mind

Our shoe inserts are lightweight, perfect for traveling. Your shoes will arrive at your final destination in superior form, ready to hit the streets exploring.

  • Maintain shape of shoes
  • Must-have travel accessory
  • Ideal for shoe storage
  • Handmade
  • One-size fits all
  • Machine-Washable
  • Organic cotton filling
  • Fits into different shoe styles
  • Absorbs lingering moisture
  • Does not stretch out leather
  • Super lightweight
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Satin ribbon

Workout Knowing Your Shoes are Staying Fit Too

When exercising at the gym, change into your sneakers and insert a pair of shoe inserts into your day shoes to prevent them from getting squished inside your gym bag.

Looking for a Lovely and Thoughtful Gift?

Each pair comes with our signature gift box. Protect My Shoes is fun for all occasions, including birthdays, holidays, and weddings.

What makes Protect My Shoes a must in shoe care!