Not one to follow trends, fashion stylist and blogger @FashionForRoyals Archana Dhankar sets her own rules when it comes to fashion. In turn, she enjoys helping others discover their unique style.  We can't help ourselves but admire the way Archana effortlessly intertwines Indian-inspired pieces into the mix to create a truly unique look ~ blending aesthetics from her hometown of Delhi with her current base of London. Archana always evokes sophisticated chic that is modern, yet timeless... it's that dual juxtaposition that keeps us following her to see what she will wear next because she's fabulously unpredictable... a chameleon of sorts! Enjoy getting to know this fashion royal with our quick Q&A and see who Archana would invite at a dinner party.

What is your favorite quote or life motto?
“Do It with Passion or Not at All” - I have many passions in life and it is the passion that keeps me motivated and gives me the drive to achieve. 

How would you describe your overall style?
Style for me is a blend of comfort and fashion that suits your personality. I don’t always necessarily follow each and every trend, but I rather believe in picking up the style of the season that would suit my persona the best with the required comfort because at the end it’s all about how you carry the particular trend.

What's your go-to outfit when you're pressing for time?
When I am pressed for time I mostly go for either jeans or t-shirt or a Tea Dress. Tea Dress is always effortless and so very stylish when one is pressed for time.



What's your fashion or beauty indulgence?
I think I have many and one of those is regular visits to the Spa. I love giving myself and my body some 'me time' and relaxations, helps me get calm and treat myself for all the hard work :)

Now let's talk shoes, a favorite topic here at Protect My Shoes! What's your favorite shoe style?
My favorite shoe style is High Heel Sandals, practical or not they can add glamour to any outfit irrespective of the occasion. 

What's your go-to pair of shoes? I
In a blink of an eye, I would say it would be sneakers, they are easy and can almost go with any outfit, even a dress, and can be ones' best friend if you are walking around all day.

When you became a mom, did you find yourself gravitating toward a different shoe style?
Being a mom requires juggling many roles and being on toes more often, and hence my go-to-pair now is sneakers.

Which shoe brand or designer do you like best?
Jimmy Choo is the name that comes to mind, I love the shoes, design and the comfort.

For more casual days I rely on Dune brand and have shopped a lot from this brand, other than Nike.

What made you choose the “Triangular Trio” and “Poppin Bubbles” shoe inserts out of all the prints?
I loved their prints, and I knew they would add a bit of color in my shoe wardrobe and also because I am great fan of Geometric prints.

How does your style differ when you're in the UK and India?
In UK, I am comfortable wearing whites or lighter shades and suedes as the environment over here is good and the shoes don’t require as much care. In India, I try and protect my feet from dust and tend to wear more shoes or sneakers when around or shoes that are less delicate. 

Where would you love for your next travel adventure to take you to?
My favorite travel destination is always a beach, and on the list is Maldives, Bali and Caribbean.

What inspires you and what are you passionate about?
My inspiration lies in helping people and trying to be a better version of myself every day. I believe in the popular saying that we can always improve and learn. My passions or hobbies are mostly dancing and traveling.


If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?
I would love to have dinner with ShahRukh Khan, Stella McCartney and Mark Zuckerberg. I admire each one of them for the success they have achieved in their respective fields and the breakthrough work they have done. 


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