Originally from Toronto, but now living in beautiful Vancouver, Joti Singh found the courage in 2016 to share her love for fashion with her popular blog "Style By Memory" @stylebymemoryWe're all about going outside of our comfort zone in the quest to discover and learn more about ourselves and others, so inevitably, we wanted to get to know Joti better. Joti is on point with trends but always finds a way to personalize her looks. And, to top it all off, her indulgence is shoes, which makes her a Protect My Shoes' girl!!! 

What is your favorite quote or life motto?
I've always loved the saying "Through Others We Become Ourselves." I think this can be applied to every aspect of ours lives, like fashion! We can get bits of inspiration from others to create our own unique style. 

When and how did you start your blog "Style By Memory"?
I started my blog in March 2016. On a road trip with my best friend I told her that I wanted to do something with fashion but didn't know where to begin. She suggested blogging, but I was terrified to put myself out there. Eventually, I got the push and courage to make that move! 

Is there a story behind the name "Style By Memory"?
I chose "Style by Memory" because I wanted to blog about fashion & beauty through my memories and life stories. 

How would you describe your overall style?
I think that my style would be described as on trend, with some surprises. I like to put my own twist on looks! 

What's your go-to outfit when you're pressing for time?
Oh boy! For the fall, a sweater, tights, and OTK boots are always easy and chic!

What's your fashion/beauty indulgence?
Without a doubt, my indulgence is shoes! 

Which shoe brand/designer do you love the most?
I love Zara and Aldo for their shoes. My dream would be to buy some Stuart Weitzman day! 

What's your favorite shoe style?
I love boots.

Why did you choose the “Sweet Bows” set of shoe inserts and shoe bag?
I chose "Sweet Bows" because it is a classic design and looks elegant. 

Where would you love to travel to next?
I am hoping to travel to Thailand or the Philippines next, I think they would be fascinating to see. 

What inspires you and what are you passionate about?
When it comes to blogging, I am inspired by other bloggers and store fronts. I love seeing trends and being able to do my own take on them. I hope to inspire other fashionistas to express themselves in whatever way they want! 

When you’re not blogging, what do you love to do?
I'm a pretty big homebody. I love relaxing with a glass of wine and watching a movie at home in my pjs!


Instagram: @stylebymemory

 All photos courtesy of Joti. For usage, please first contact

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