Hailey Genevieve is a fashion-loving born entrepreneur. We met over two years ago backstage at a Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show luncheon in Boca Raton. I was the fashion show's MC and quite frankly, felt very nervous, but Hailey casually came up to me and started chatting, helping ease my nerves. Although full of youthful energy, she is as mature as they come.  At the age of 11, she started Hailey's Hair Elastics and the business is still going strong to this day. And that's not enough! She is always on the go from one city to the next because Hailey started Sparkletalk offering brand management & fashion styling services. Catching Hailey while at home in Boca Raton is always a treat and it's about time we feature this budding entrepreneur. 

What is your favorite quote or life motto? 

My favorite quote or life motto… hmm…I have so many! I would say “everything happens for a reason” and “if it's meant to be, it will be” are two things I always try to remind myself and share with others! 

You started your own business at the age of 11 and it’s still thriving. Please share with us compelled you to start Hailey’s Hair Elastics? 

Hailey’s Hair Elastics started in 2013 because I couldn’t find a hair tie/elastic thick enough to hold my hair! Originally from Toronto, I started selling my first batch of 7 colors at local dance studios and fitness clubs as a fundraising project! The outcome was greater than anticipated, and people of all ages loved them, as they are great for ALL hair types! We now ship over 1000 colors worldwide. I love giving back, and with this business, I can do so with many charities and organizations to raise funds innovatively! 

Aside from your product, you wear many other entrepreneurial hats, including fashion styling, social media management, and fashion production. Tell us more, and how do you balance it all?

As much as fashion is my passion, I love the industry's business, marketing, and production. I do Brand Management & Fashion Styling! This includes personal, wardrobe, and photoshoot styling and brand management, including social media management and overall brand strategy. I firmly believe that you must do what you are passionate about so that you don't experience burnout, which is unfortunately quite familiar with many entrepreneurs. Time management is a significant necessity. Life is about balance and making sure that you are happy. If you are not enjoying your current situation, the feeling can be like the weight of the world is on top of you. 

To date, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

To date, my greatest accomplishment would be the success of Sparkletalk, otherwise known as Hailey Genevive! I started personal styling and photoshoot production in 2015; what began as an Instagram feed turned into vlogging backstage at the New York Fashion Week, Dior Show for one of the models walking at age 12! When vlogging (Video Blogging), I got scouted by a prominent publication powerhouse in the fashion world… Everything took off from there. I have since worked around North America from Miami to Toronto and across the coast to Los Angeles, traveling for photoshoots, fashion shows, and client content creation. 

What is one fact that most wouldn’t know about you? 

I'm currently studying in a dual program to get my MBA! 

What is the one piece of advice you can share with us about building a solid social media presence?

Consistency is key! Instagram is one of today's largest platforms for advertisements and personal use! There are so many accounts on the platform that you must ensure you constantly appear on people's pages. When you continuously post, you can gain a consistent following of people who trust and value your opinion over time with the direct connection you make with them. The value of this is what translates into monetization. But hey...If you still can't figure it out…I'm more than happy to run social media management for you :) 

How would you describe your fashion style? 

Initially living in Toronto, a busy city, my fashion has changed quite tremendously now residing in Florida. I would describe my current style as Minimalist and casual yet put together. 

Who’s your celebrity style crush?

Hands down, Megan Fox. Maeve Reilly, her LA-based stylist, has reinvented her fashion and completely nails every look. 

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re pressed for time?

Being on set for long hours, moving around, and lugging boxes… My go-to is a jumpsuit or romper with fun shoes and a matching bag! 

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence?

My current beauty indulgence is cryotherapy, and I love going twice a week! The benefits and differences it has made on my skin are next level, especially living in Florida with the humidity and warmth! 

Which shoe brand do you love most?

I'm a big big fan of the new Givenchy collection. I'm a big white sneaker girl, and they have some super cute and comfy ones.

What is it that you like about Protect My Shoes?

The concept, the designs, the functionality. BRILLIANT! It makes perfect sense! I always recommend it to my clients when traveling or redoing their wardrobe.

What’s your most memorable Fashion Week experience? 

My most memorable fashion week experience… I have quite a few! It would have to be my first one back in 2017. I saw Fergie and Kim Kardashian in NYC and I can be spotted in a split second of a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode. I’d also say my most recent show was during Miami Fashion Week. I worked closely with Mark Anthony's fiancé as she was a model for the Missoni Show at the Vizcaya Gardens; he came backstage to say 'hey' prior.

If you could have dinner with three special guests, who would they be?

If I could have dinner with three special guests, they would be Kris Jenner, Anna Wintour, and the fantastic Olivia Hollaus! (Well, you're making me blush... that is quite the company to be a part of.)

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