Molly Dare Hillenbrand is a powerhouse on so many fronts. We love her 'can do' attitude in all aspects of life. She is raising two beautiful confident daughters, teaching them to embrace fear, rather than fear it, to reach their dreams. Although Molly is often in-front of the camera as a magnetic host and interviewer, her favorite spot is actually behind the scenes. She truly enjoys shining the spotlight on others, bringing out the best in them. Well, on that note, we are excited to shine the spotlight on Molly as a woman who inspires us in more ways than one.


What is your favorite quote or life motto?

“You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt, but you have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’re holding."

Tell us a bit about you.

I’m a 44 year old single mom of 2 teens (send coffee & wine!) who has been running HillenBRAND Media since 2017 - I work as a Producer , on-air host, in Public Relations & Crisis Management. 

As a PR powerhouse, tell us more about HillenBRAND Media?

HillenBRAND Media has a goal of elevating every client to their highest potential. Whether through social media marketing, video marketing, partnering talent with projects or navigating Public Press & Statements we help bring exposure and visibility to today's impactful entrepreneurs, public figures and celebrities. 

You not only work behind the camera, but you’re also an on-air personality. What inspires you as a creator?

I’m inspired by bringing out the best in others and watching people reach their truest potential. I do on-camera work but my passion is being behind the camera or the social media giving the spotlight to the amazing people we feature.

You’ve accomplished so much already, but to date, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Raising two confident, independent girls in today's society is no easy task. I have a 15 & 17 year old and so navigating these teen years and making sure they keep what is special and unique about them intact will definitely be my biggest accomplishment.

Having interviewed so many entrepreneurs and business owners over the years, what is the best advice you’ve received from these interviews? 

The best advice I’ve received is to make sure you are enjoying the journey and not just focused on the finish line. So often these amazing “successful” people we admire are so lonely because once they reach the top they realize they didn’t have anyone to celebrate with because they didn’t include and celebrate with people along the way. So definitely enjoy the journey, include everyone in the journey and make everyone feel a part of it with you so when you get to the finish line you will have a crowd their celebrating right along with you and to enjoy your successes with! Success doesn’t feel as good if you are alone! 

Is there a common character trait you find is shared among entrepreneurs and business owners?

The most common character trait is they don’t give excuses. They have a mindset of a student. They never know it all. Instead, they are constantly curious and wanting to know more. They are never the smartest person in the room. They are honest with themselves about their weaknesses and strive to turn them into strengths and are open to any and all feedback. 

What are some future goals that you have for you, both personally and professionally? 

Professionally I have some television projects in the work that I’m really excited - one is a documentary and the other is still in the concept stage, but I love this early creative part and getting the feedback as I work through it. So hoping one or both get picked up! 

Personally, my goal is to be the best mom to my two girls - I have one that’s going to be off to college next year so really just focusing on being present with her this last year while she is still living at home.

What is one fact that most would not know about you?

That I grew up on a farm and that I’m more introvert than extrovert but just happened to choose an extroverted career path. Perhaps this is why I much prefer the behind-the-camera role :-) 

Being a single mom to two beautiful daughters, how do you balance family and work? Does balance even exist?

Balance does NOT exist. And chasing it was my biggest downfall. I chase presence instead. Being present where I’m at allows me to not feel guilty about where I’m not because I know when I am there I’m bringing my best, most present, self when possible. 

What’s the one life lesson/words of wisdom you hope to instill in your daughters?

That they are wonderfully and beautifully made exactly as they are. And whatever makes you different or sets you apart, to go all-in on that! 

Now let’s talk fashion! You recently launched a jewelry collection with meaning. What message are you sharing through your designs?

I launched Molly Dare Designs as motivational jewelry to remind you that you are never going to be Fearless in this world - that is an unobtainable goal. Instead we should learn to ‘Fear Less’ in order to learn to live with fear and use it to our advantage. Once you realize you can make fear work FOR you, not against you, it is a game changer. I hope every woman learns how to live a Daring life… filled with “I can’t believe I did that.” 

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is varied. I’m a bit of both masculine and feminine so my style reflects that. I love a power suit or black leather just as much as I love a soft floral dress. And I think there is a place for both! The most important thing is that I like to feel confident in what I wear. I don’t mind being the most overdressed in the room but I do mind being the most underdressed so I edge on the over.

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re pressed for time?

All black everything - that’s my normal go to when traveling because it’s professional, easy to mix and match pieces and you can add in color with accessories. 

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence?

Purses and shoes! I love love love my designer handbags and shoes and the classics like Chanel, YSL, Fendi, Gucci. I don’t believe you need to wear designer everything. I save money on my clothing as I don’t buy a lot of expensive stuff but I splurge on the accessories instead. 

Favorite shoe style/shoe brand?

I love them ALL but definitely Valentinos & Jimmy Choo for work. Kate spade wedges and flats for more casual.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Ha! I’m on Raya so I can’t say in case they are reading 😂😂😂

Which cocktail best describes your personality?

Tequila because it’s strong and effective and a Bellini because it’s sweet and bubbly.

If you could interview any three guests, who would they be? 

Maye Musk, Brene Brown and Sara Blakely

Follow Molly on her exciting journey! 

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Instagram: mollydare

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