Lauren Sebastian, the Creator and Editor of the ultra popular blog BIG BLONDE HAIR, is a stylish force of nature. She started blogging to hopefully fund her expensive hair extension habit (hence the name). Fast forward to today, her successful blog is at the forefront of Real Housewives and Bravo TV fashion, covering all the looks we see on these hit shows. Aside from being a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Lauren is mama to two handsome boys. We have enjoyed getting to know Lauren while working on our collaboration Pump Rules. We are thrilled to feature Lauren who is sweet, smart and simply FABULOUS! 

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

I never dreamed about success, I worked for it. - Estee Lauder (so the Internet says lol)

Tell us a bit about you.

I grew up outside of Detroit and started my career in fashion working in wholesale in Chicago where I lived for 15 years. Three years ago I traded in my heels for cowboy boots when we moved to Austin, Texas (Only kidding still have the heels…though I do have a pair of cowboy boots now which I never thought I’d say!)! My husband Mark is also an Entrepreneur in the finance industry and I have two boys Mark II (13) and Valentino (7).

What was the inspiration behind your Pump Rules shoe stuffer design? 

If one thing has stood the test of time in the 13 years I’ve covered Bravo fashion it’s animal print. Bravolebs are always wearing it in one form or another! And since they are all about being bold, fun and wild, the hot pink animal print couldn’t be more perfect. And it’s all about detail so the velvet bow just adds a luxe touch. 

Have you always been into fashion? 

In one way or another! Funny enough, I was a basketball player growing up and I was spending money on the latest sneakers at Foot Locker instead of stilettos at Saks.

What inspires you as a creative, editor, writer? 

Really the bold fashion of Bravolebs makes it so easy to be inspired. My team and I are always looking at new trends worn by women that aren’t afraid to take risks with fashion. Even if it’s something I wouldn’t personally wear I always love seeing someone else being bold, confident and taking fashion risks. It makes it so easy to keep things fresh and creative, and Bravo storylines always let us incorporate a bit of humor.

What is it that you love most about what you do? 

It’s really hard to choose. I love being my own boss even if it means there’s never a real break. And I get to work with some fun people, watch Reality TV and talk about fashion for a living, it doesn’t get much better! 

Which of the Housewives franchise is your favorite? 

It can change depending on the season but I always look forward to Beverly Hills the most, and now the style on Miami really has me excited. And I love the new #RHONY casts’ looks. Really when our audience is excited about something it gets me excited about it. 

If you could spend the day with three of the housewives, who would they be? 

Gahhh this is so hard and ever-changing. I’d like to shop with Dorit Kemsley. Go on a double date with Melissa and Joe Gorga. And go out for a girl’s night Brynn Whitfield. 

You’ve accomplished so much already, but to date, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment? 

I think getting to go up the elevators at 30 Rock in New York to the Bravo offices and do their podcast a couple of times was really a wow moment! Riding up in the elevators with the old school NBC logo peacock print carpet under my shoes was really a pinch me moment as they say.

But day to day feel like it’s the small things that keep me going. When I meet someone and they read the site it’s such a great feeling. Even when people thank us for what we do! Or when one of the Housewives DMs us a request or asks for fashion advice it’s always validation.

What are some future goals that you have for you both personally and professionally? 

I’ve never really been good at the goal setting, what’s next!  I really just work as hard as I can and seeing what happens. In general terms I’d love to take the site to the next level (whatever that may be) and really make it something huge. Maybe take on some investors that really know how to grow things. I feel like there’s no limit! And I’d like to give back a little bit more whether it’s to other women looking to get a start in business or in another area I’m passionate about. 

What is one fact that most wouldn’t know about you? 

I actually wanted to be a sports writer. I guess there is a little hint above with the basketball talk. I was Sports Editor for my high school newspaper and covered sports for my college paper for a bit. But where I was from I wasn’t seeing a lot of people doing the more “flashy” jobs whether it was being in the sports industry, fashion or even journalism. So I just took the marketing route in college. 

When I moved to Chicago I was working in sports marketing and fashion (I was actually working four jobs to pay the rent lol!) and the fashion route ended up working out which eventually lead to Big Blonde Hair.  And when I say fashion, my foot in the door job was a T shirt company where I worked in the office and handed out “Bleacher Babe” stickers to people in line to get in to Chicago Cubs games wearing our merch! Then I worked my way into selling wholesale for lines like Betsey Johnson, 525 America and more. 

What’s the one life lesson/words of wisdom you hope to instill in your children? 

I just want them to see me working hard and do the same. And also just to be kind, accepting and empathetic to others, especially those who need it most. I make a lot of mistakes parenting but those are the areas I try not to waiver in.

Now let’s talk fashion! How would you describe your personal style? 

I’d say, although I spend my time focusing on Real Housewives, I’ve got a little bit of a Khloe Kardashian style vibe on a daily basis. I love big sunglasses, sneakers, hoops and a bit more of an athletic inspired / streetwear vibe during the day. Lots of black! But, I LOVE to get dressed up in a fabulous dress. Nothing is more exciting to me than shopping for a holiday party or Vegas! 

Who’s your celebrity style crush? 

I have always been obsessed with Rachel Zoe. That 70’s chic vibe is my favorite!  I wanted my two boys to dress exactly like hers, unfortunately that dream seems to be currently dead, at least with my older son thanks to Nike. And though her style and Rachel’s aren’t alike I am obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s personal style along with everything she designs. 

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re pressed for time? 

It always involves a blazer! I have a black Helmut Lang blazer that has stood the test of time and I’ll throw that on whether I’m going to the airport or can’t decide what to wear to dinner. I can dress it down with jeans and a sneaker or dress it up with a leather pant and fun top underneath. 

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence? 

I feel like it is ever-changing. But if I’m going to splurge it’s going to be on a nice accessory like a bag or shoe. I’m from the Midwest so I’ve got a little bit of a voice in my head keeping me somewhat practical! I wish it would go away lol!

Favorite shoe style/shoe brand? 

I love Valentino, which is no secret based on my son’s name! I know the Rockstud’s moment may be be a bit in the past, but not for me! I’m hoping they keep evolving it like they have with the Roman stud. 

Which cocktail best describes your personality? 

I have no idea and I’ve way overthought it if something comes to me i’ll follow up. 

What would your reality TV tagline be?

I may be real, but cross me and I’ll tell everyone your Chanel is fake.(Also hard… so funny I don’t think I’ve ever even thought about it)

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