As part of a semester project, Boca Raton-based THOS Fashion School students partook in a design competition by submitting their own shoe stuffer designs for a chance to see their concept turn into an actual sold product and have a creative voice in the photo shoot too. 


Although a very tough decision, the winning selection was Kathryn Kurt’s timeless designs but with a twist featuring her iconic and feminine “one-loop bow.” "The simplicity of the creme & black inspired by Jo Malone and the black & white inspired by Chanel allow the customer to enjoy the sophisticated, understated style of the shoe stuffer without taking away from the beauty of the heels," explained Kathryn in her presentation to us. What we loved about Kathryn's design was the twist to our signature bow and her very clear aesthetic vision. 



A recent graduate of Dartmouth College, Kathryn’s creative eye has been shaped by frequent séjours abroad, her study of foreign cultures, and timeless aesthetic. Inspired by her grandmother, anywhere you can tie a bow (coat, scarf, wrap dress, shoe) she opts for a chic, asymmetrical, and just as feminine, one-loop bow. Her designs are a fusion of sophistication and playfulness, always accompanied by an unexpected twist. Don’t be surprised if you see this designer’s name on clothes in the future!


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