Rachelle Ferrara is a tour de force. As a global business development executive in the highly competitive healthcare industry, Rachelle's passion for what she does is palpable from the very first time you meet her. She is genuinely interested in learning about others and Rachelle is all about women supporting women. In fact, she is currently the Professional Women in Healthcare Board Chair. Smart, witty, candid, and stylish, we are thrilled to feature Rachelle as an inspiring #bosslady. 

What is your favorite quote or life motto? 

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.” 

You are an accomplished female executive in the healthcare industry. Tell us a bit more about what you do. What is it that you love most about your professional path? 

I believe business is about relationships and people. As a global business development executive in the healthcare industry, passion is what drives me. I like creating, building, results and solving problems. Whether it’s executing a transformational turnaround for an innovative start-up or a Fortune 500 company, I love learning the culture, building high performing teams and empowering others to lead and succeed. Throughout my career, I’ve had an opportunity to build relationships across the global healthcare marketplace and apply what I’ve learned to mentor the next generation of leaders.

You are the present Professional Women in Healthcare Board Chair. What impact do you hope your two-years term will leave on this empowering organization? 

The mission of Professional Women in Healthcare is to achieve a healthcare industry equally led by men and women. I’m an advocate for gender partnership where men and women lead together to achieve greater levels of success, collaboration, profitability and equity. I am very passionate about mentoring aspiring female leaders. The goal is to create an environment where diversity of thought and leadership make a better healthcare industry ultimately for the patient. 

 What is one fact about you that most wouldn’t know? 

I love to paint. Acrylics or oil on large canvas puts my mind in a creative place and I find it relaxing. 

Now let’s talk fashion! How would you describe your personal style? 

Personal style to me is more than fashion. It’s about how you carry yourself, attitude and personal brand all rolled into one. Words I would use to describe my personal style are: polished, boldly feminine, edgy with a little bit of understated elegance. 

Who’s your celebrity style crush? 

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy had such a timeless style. Her legacy as a fashion icon defined the minimalist chic with a New York elegance. 

What’s your go-to outfit when pressed for time? 

A fabulous fitted pair of jeans with a black body suit or a feminine blouse and heels… and a great bag! 

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence? 

LASH EXTENSIONS, the bolder, the better! They’re so glamorous and make my eyes pop without a lot of makeup. 

Which shoe brand do you love most? 

Christian Louboutin - every girl needs a pair of red bottoms. 

What’s your favorite shoe style? 

Louboutin Decollette 100’s or a fantastic strappy sandal heel.

Why do you like the line of products by Protect My Shoes? 

As women, we invest in our shoes and it’s important to take good care of them, especially while traveling. I love the shoe insert patterns and styles with the matching shoe bag! Most importantly, it was created by an inspiring entrepreneurial female who wasn’t afraid to take a risk! 

You’ve travelled extensively around the world, but what are your dream travel destinations? 

Greece, Maldives, South Africa

What cocktail best describes your personality? 

Aperol Spritz. It reminds me of my favorite place in the world...Italia! 

If you could have dinner with three special guests, who would they be? 

Elon Musk, Coco Chanel, Cleopatra


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