Delaina Dixon is a force to be reckoned with. We loved having her over the Protect My Shoes showroom this past weekend where we talked about everything, from career to fashion to celebrity crushes. Delaina's career path is impressive and inspiring, but not surprising when you hear that her life motto is to, "Just do it, get it done, and then party."

Her can-do attitude and perseverance led her to co-host VH1's weekday morning show The Gossip Table for several seasons and she's a regular guest on The Wendy William's Show delivering the latest inside scoop. Delaina is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of - a life and style site dedicated to multicultural women. During her visit, we couldn't help but pull out our quick fire Q&A for a roundup with this powerhouse. 


What is your favorite quote or life motto?
“Let’s just do it, get it done, and then party afterwards.”

How would you describe your overall style?
Funky chic. I’m a refashionista so I love to take clothes and change them up.

What's your go-to outfit when you're pressing for time?
I have a printed dress from Zara that is high-waisted just above the knee. I love it because you can wear it with flats to dress it down or with heels to dress it up.

What's your fashion/beauty indulgence?
Lashes… and double them up!

Now let’s talk shoes, a favorite here. What's your top shoe style?
A good thick chunky heel. Wearing heels makes you feel different, more confident. On TV, they shoot you from the waist up, but I still always wear heels because of how they make me feel.

Which shoe brand do you like best?
I love my Louboutin 5 inch tall suede sandals. They are simply fabulous. For comfort, I wear Pikolinos because you can walk in them all day long. oka-B flats are really fun with bright colors and they are environmentally-friendly. But ultimately, I’m a heel girl!

Why did you choose the “Triangular Trio” and “Versailles” shoe inserts out of all the prints?
I’m not a floral girl. I like geometrics - there is something serious and sharp about geometric patterns. And I’ve been drawn to blue a lot lately.


Where would you love to travel to next?
I dream of going back to Paris because it’s so beautiful. I love it there. And I wouldn’t mind going back to Ireland. I had so much fun there and funny stories came out of that trip.

What inspires you and what are you passionate about?
My mother and grandmother are my inspirations. My mom raised two daughters as a single parent and she’s the one who taught me to just do it. Don’t sit around, but go get things done. I’m passionate about working with younger people. The art of writing has died a little bit in today’s digital age so as a journalist, I really enjoy working with younger individuals to teach them the art of writing.

If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?

1. Harriet Tubman because she was a badass mama jama, a true hero saving slaves during the American Civil War and working as a spy for the U.S. Army. Her stories of the Underground Railroad would certainly be a captivating dinner conversation.
2. Whoopi Goldberg would provide the humor.
3. Travis Fimmel, the actor in the History Channel’s series “Vikings,” would be the eye candy for us ladies.


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