We simply could not resist reaching out to Lindsey Black, @popofcolorbylindsey, on Instagram. Her love for color in everything shines brightly through her feed. Lindsey is a people person who loves to share her love for style, home decor and all things lifestyle. Her vibrant curated posts will inherently make you happy, even on a rainy and cloudy day.  It's no wonder her hashtag is #colorhappy. This fashionable mom to three adorable kids is one to follow!

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

Create your own happiness and JOY. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine. 

What intentions have you set in motion for you personally and professionally in 2022?

To work smarter and surround yourself with people who inspire you.

Please tell us more about what inspired you to become a blogger on lifestyle, home, and fashion. How you find the balance between blogging and motherhood?

I have always been a crazy multi-tasker.  I do not do well sitting still.. hahah I like to have a lot of projects/work to keep me being creative. My husband says I love to “bop”. I love people and building relationships.  I’m a people person. Sharing with others things that inspire me, makes me so very happy. Blogging to me is helping others, which fills me right up and energizes me.  I think it’s important for your children to see you working hard to achieve your personal goals.

To date, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment? 

Definitely my three children. Carter, Avery and Henry. 

What is one fact that most wouldn’t know about you?

As much as I love people and being social, there is nothing greater than being at home on a Friday night with your sweat pants on and no where to be. I can be a homebody. 

What is the one piece of advice/lesson you hope to instill in your kids?

To always be kind and love others.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say I love mixing and matching high and low, with all different patterns and colors. I don’t think too much about getting dressed, I just wear what feels good to me and somehow it works. It used to be where the style was all matchy-matchy, (at least growing up, that was how we were to dress) and I never understood that. I was always marching to the beat of my own drum, thankfully now there are few rules in fashion, and if you embrace it, anything goes!

Do you have a favorite color or are all colors created equal?

COLOR HAPPY is my phrase and hashtag #colorhappy

I am such a COLOR LOVER and truly all color make me happy but a few color ways that I’m currently crushing on are: pink/orange and blue/green. 

Who’s your celebrity style crush?

Can it be a fictional character?! If so, Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City) IRL it would be Iris Apfel (more is more).

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re pressed for time?

I love to pop on a faux fur or any jacket, oversized sunglasses and some mules… easy peasy and always looks like you tried way harder (haha).

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence?

Handbags.. I love all designer handbags.

Which shoe brand do you love most?

I love Tory Burch shoes.

What’s your favorite shoe style?

I love a mule, not a huge fan of high heels.

What is it that you like about the Protect My Shoes line of products?

I love how stylish your fabric and prints are. I love that your inserts keep my shoes shaped so well and the shoe bags are simply brilliant to travel with!

What is your dream travel destination?


Which cocktail best describes your personality?

I love a Bloody Mary because you get to eat while you drink! (Momma loves to eat!)

If you could have dinner with three special guests, who would they be?

My Dad who I miss terribly (Feb will be eleven years without him), Tom Ford and Oprah.

If you're not yet following Lindsey, make sure you do!

Instagram: @popofcolorbylindsey



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