It's about time we feature one of our favorite artists, collaborators and mompreneurs. Meet Kourtney Cannon, the artist behind the golf-inspired print on our very first pair of golf shoe stuffers.

First and foremost, Kourtney is mom to three beautiful girls. Her faith keeps her grounded, optimistic and inspired. When you are with Kourtney in person, she has an aura of calmness, assertiveness and positivity. She's truly present in the moment. As for Kourtney's artwork, we love her creations made with free-spirited watercolor brushstrokes. Read on to learn more about our special friend.

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

I don’t have a standard one, but I traditionally say, "Pray first, and let your day take its way." I tend to remind myself of this often throughout the day and hear myself telling the kiddos and my husband to trust God and pray. It’s amazing how instantly calm I feel knowing he is in control and I can take a step back. 

Tell us a bit about you. 

I am pretty simple! The girl next store, add a little color! Currently living in Jupiter, Florida with my husband and 3 daughters, we love to be outside in the sunshine, at the beach, in the water, or creating together!

When did you discover your artistic talent? 

About 3 years ago, I started watercolor painting as a therapeutic past time. 

What inspires you as an artist? 

Textures of nature, beautiful beaches, tropical colors, movement of the ocean and swaying palms trees, beach cottages, shapes and textures of South Florida architecture, and the beautiful tropical flora.

What is it that you love most about what you do?

There are truly three things. I love that I can be mostly present with my family yet help my husband provide for them. I love the creative process, its such a peaceful outlet, it energizes me when we all know the little sleep mamas get. And truly, I love meeting everyone. I get to meet so many people through painting, from all over the country who have seen my online presence or that I have the pleasure of meeting at live events. There’s so many stories I get to hear and I love the connections.

To date, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment? 

Honestly each piece I create brings a new renewed feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment, that’s the best about creating nothing into something. I’ve had the blessing of painting for fun events and lots of different people, making someone happy and smile, that’s just the best!

What is one fact that we wouldn’t know about you?

Most people know me as the artist, but I never did anything with art previous to having kids. I was all athlete, played all the traditional sports and love water sports.

Being mom to three beautiful young girls (including a newborn!), how do you balance family and work?

One moment at a time, art is a passion, but kids are my priority. I pray in the morning always that God aligns my day and my priorities, if I start idolizing something and it takes away from priorities I know I need to set boundaries. You can usually find me trying to balance it all though. My kitchen counter is complete with a Bible hoping to get that little bit of life giving scripture in, my kids' snacks and crafts scattered, and of course a watercolor palette with paper and pencil.  In between making pancakes and paying bills, I usually mix the brush through paint and try to keep myself inspired with as many brush strokes as life allows. I do best, multitasking! Some people find rest in sitting, I find rest in completing. 

What’s the one life lesson or words of wisdom you hope to instill in your daughters?

Love God, Love Others, Don’t Give Up. One step in front of the other, we can learn that some things in life might not come as easy, but those things help us find what we are gifted at. God is always navigating, might not seem so but when you get the spare minute to look back you can see him in every step. 

Now let’s talk fashion! How would you describe your personal style?

Comfy, practical, with a random splash of color! Usually jeans and a t-shirt with a colorful pair of vans on the daily, but then I am usually whipping out a fun colorful dress that won’t show all the paint spills when I am out at events live painting.

Who’s your celebrity style crush?

Growing up with three brother and playing lots of sports, I didn’t think too much past umbro shorts and tanks. But, if I had to think of someone who inspires me, I’m always amazed at Blake Lively's outfits and natural beauty.

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re pressed for time?

Flowy dress paired with flip flops! It's pretty effortless and you don’t have to figure out a top or bottom!

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence? 

A good bag! I love bags, totes, purses, book bags. I am always willing to spend a little more on those.

Which cocktail best describes your personality?

Margarita!! A little sweet, a little salty, always ready for a fun fiesta. 

If you could have dinner with three special guests, who would they be?

Hmm special guests... I love to sit with my mom, her mom (my grandma), and my great great grandma… ask all the questions. Reminisce, laugh, and learn from their wisdom. 

Follow Kourtney Cannon on her artistic journey! 

Instagram: KourtneyCannonArt

Facebook: Kourtney Cannon Art



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