When it comes to shoes, there are a million styles out there. But, if you are a shoe enthusiast then you know, finding a pair that is not only beautiful but is also comfortable & timeless, can be a daunting task. Also, out of everything in your closet, shoes are probably that one item that takes the biggest beating. So, it is obvious that we look for ways to make them last longer. Fret not, with this shoe care guide, we want to show you some useful shoe hacks to help you make your shoes last longer. 

Let’s start with the shoe care basics 

1) Clean your shoes regularly
This is a no brainer but a crucial step. If you want your shoes to last, make sure to clean and buff them after every other wear. You may use shoe polishing products to hide any scuffs or marks that may have occurred. Cleaning your shoes regularly will not only increase their lifespan but also give them a more polished and neat look.

2) Keep a rotation
When you love a pair of shoes, it's only natural for you to repeat them at every event. As good as these shoes make you feel, it's not particularly good for the life of your shoes. Furthermore, wearing the same pair every day will not give your shoes a chance to air out and recover its shape. To make your shoes last longer, consider wearing your shoes on rotation and never get spotted wearing the same shoes every day! 

3) Stuff your shoes 
Shoes are made to be worn, and not left empty. When you leave them empty while storing them, you end-up squashing them, especially if you stuff them in a small closet, or a suitcase while traveling. And no, you don’t have to stuff your shoes with ugly newspapers or tissues. It’s 2020, and you have better options at your disposal. Shoe stuffers help alleviate odor, prevent dry rot, and preserve the shape of your shoes. For example, these shoe inserts from ‘Protect My Shoes’ help you preserve your shoes and all that money you spent on them. Available in a wide range of prints and colors, these shoe stuffers will definitely add some color to your shoe closet. 

4) Carry them in shoe bags
Your shoes don’t always get damaged when they are on your feet. How good or bad you carry them also deteriorates their form & shape. Carrying your shoes in a shoe bag doesn’t only protect them but also keeps them in place. And it is safe to say that you don’t want to be seen carrying your expensive shoes in a plastic bag. By the way, if you’ve splurged out on expensive shoes, chances are that they already come in dust bags which you may use to carry them. If not, our signature shoe bags are something you should consider investing in, especially if you’re serious about taking care of your shoes. Our shoe bags are ideal for when you’re traveling or shuttling from work to gym. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to match with our adorable shoe inserts. 

5) Use Vaseline for scuffs
If you own a pair of patent leather shoes, you know it is hard to keep them looking new. If you’re struggling to maintain them, we have an amazing hack for you - Vaseline. It is not only an excellent moisturizer for your skin but also an excellent way to clean your leather shoes. Easily available in every household, the Vaseline hack is a lifesaver! Whenever you see any unsightly marks or scuffs on your patent leather shoes, simply take some Vaseline and run it into the scuff using a cotton swab and Voila! You’ll have a brand new looking shoe.

6) Restore before you replace
You don’t always have to run out and buy a new pair of shoes every time a pair is scuffed or damaged. Instead, visit your local cobbler. Trust us, a skilled cobbler works like a magician! Shoe repair is a time-honored practice and is well worth it, especially for that favorite pair you just can’t part with. So next time before you toss your slightly spoilt shoes into the bin, take them to your cobbler and bring them back to life. 

7) Go for quality over quantity
You must have heard this phrase time and again but, when it comes to footwear, going for quality over quantity is something we swear by. Buying cheap shoes for most people is a use and throw sort of deal. High-end shoes, on the other hand, are often more expensive because of the craftsmanship and quality of the materials used to make them. They actually last much longer. So, the lesson here is to go for quality over quantity. Save those pennies and buy one pair of really good quality shoes rather than three.

Let’s admit - taking care of your shoes is not as fun as wearing them but think about it - your shoes save your feet and add luster to your style. A nice pair of shoes can make or break a look and they deserve at least some care and attention from you. We hope the above shoe care tips help you increase the life of your favorite shoes. 

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