First of all, we want to congratulate Alicia Sanchez on her new book, Crafts Create Change. Alicia's amazing mission is to help cultivate change through crafting. The 40+ crafting projects that are featured in this book are "projects designed with people and communities in mind." So when our friend Alicia came to us asking if we would love to create a special project for the book, it was a resounding yes!!!

A year later, we are excited to share with you our Wearrior Tags

The name for our project came with the help of another dear friend, Melanie DeVito. We came up with the name Wearrior Tags to encourage everyone to "wear your confidence + be the warrior that you are." As written on page 117, these closet hang tags are daily reminders that YOU are a FABULOUS warrior in every sense of the word. We hope that these hang tags in your closet featuring words of affirmation will inspire you to conquer the day ahead with confidence, optimism, hope, and happiness while leaving a little sparkle wherever you go.


Ps. This is also an easy project that moms can do with their daughters to inspire confidence and self-love. 

Click here to learn more about this impactful book and please purchase a copy because you're giving back at the same time with 80% of the proceeds going towards impact microgrants given by the Dear God, Are We There Yet? volunteer community.

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