This post is long overdue, but it's an important one. As the founder of Protect My Shoes, I am so proud to be a ResearcHERS ambassador to help raise funds to support female-led cancer research. This is such a personal cause because I lost my father to cancer when I was a young girl. Research is paramount to finding better treatments and cures for all types of cancer. 

Last fall, when I agreed to be a ResearcHERS ambassador, I wasn't quite sure what I was embarking on. We were in the midst of a pandemic... I was pregnant with my second child... and so much was simply still up in the air. Upon reflection, it's been such an empowering experience, to say the least, because of the amazing women who are fellow ambassadors. One of these friends is the incomparable Zoe Lanham, Vice President of The Addison, who is unfortunately currently battling her own fight with breast cancer.

Rather than let herself be overtaken by the disease, Zoe founded the Pink Fight Club. She felt it was necessary to share her story, support the research behind her recovery, and help women around the world with early detection, knowledge empowerment, and finding a place for support. She has gone above and beyond to not only raise an unbelievable amount for ResearcHERS, but to inspire us in so many ways that she may not even realize she is doing, each and every day.

On April 27th, the stars and moon descended upon The Addison for a memorable evening with Zoe and several of us ResearcHERS Ambassadors. Although we are each responsible to raise our own funds for the campaign, we came together for the greater good because as women, WE are stronger when WE unite

I sincerely believe in supporting other women and the importance of finding your own tribe of strong empowering boss babes. This is a post of gratitude because I'm blessed to be surrounded by women whom I admire that I also call my friends.





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