Chic Leopard Tall Boot Shapers

Protect My Shoes

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Protect my boots! We can’t leave out boots when it comes to protecting your footwear. Our boot shapers are functional yet stylish with the Protect My Shoes signature touch. Say goodbye to slouched over boots by storing them upright in the closet throughout the seasons.  This pair of tall boot shapers is 17.72” x 10.24” and effortlessly fit into mid to knee-high boots. The chic cotton fabric on the front part of each boot shaper adds a luxurious finish. 

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Easily insert our boot shapers for stylish + longterm protection. Prevent creasing and slouched over boots.


This pair of boot shapers goes beyond function with attention to detail. Function meets fashion!

  • Maintains shape of boots
  • Prevents boots from creases and other adverse wear
  • Prevents boots from slouching down
  • Does not stretch out leather or any other type of boot material
  • Ideal for short and long-term shoe storage
  • Improves air circulation inside boots
  • One-size fits most boots
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to use by simply curving the flexible high quality plastic material to form the shape and then slip into the boot
  • Luxurious finish on the front part of each boot shaper
  • Does not stretch out leather
  • Grosgrain ribbon accents

What makes Protect My Shoes a must in shoe care!