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A Case Study in Shoe Care!

Saturday Apr 07 2018 Culture of Style by Olivia Hollaus

A year ago, we took this pair of mauve flats. One shoe was stuffed with our patented shoe stuffer and the other was left neglected with no stuffer. Sure enough, after an entire year left in the closet, the shoe with the stuffer was protected, keeping its nice form. Meanwhile, the front part of the other shoe had "shifted." 

We spend money on our shoes, yet forget to properly care for them. Our unique patented line of shoe stuffers are a long-term stylish solution to properly caring for your footwear. And, even better yet, they are environmentally-friendly. Tissue paper shoe stuffers that typically accompany most shoe purchases are wasteful and quickly lose their effectiveness. Our handmade shoe stuffers filled with 100% organic cotton last for years to come. It's a win win! :) 

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