The year is off to a fast pace start and we're reeling with excitement when it comes to our upcoming collaborations with two super talented artists. We also have amazing pop-ups that we can't wait to share with you as well. But first, we'd love to shine the spotlight on our newest product launch, Golf Shoe Stuffer Inserts. 

What we love about our patented Golf Shoe Stuffer Inserts is how adorable they look while being a new go-to golf shoe care essential. We elongated the shape of our signature shoe stuffers to fit snuggly and perfectly into golf shoes. 

For the first pair, we collaborated with Florida-based artist and busy mom of three girls, Kourtney Cannon. Being a fan of Kourtney's work for quite some time, we couldn't have been happier to have worked with her on a special golf-inspired print. Kourtney is inspired by all the nature, architecture and life around her. She uses a mixture of mediums and materials and for this print, it all started with an actual watercolor painting of the pattern. We are thrilled to have been able to transfer those easygoing natural brush strokes into the actual fabric once the design was digitized.

Happy Golfing! :)

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