Ashley Caruso Perez makes motherhood look stylish yet fun. As mom to two beautiful girls (and budding fashionistas), Ashley started blogging about 4 years ago to share her love for all things lovely. Without a doubt, whether you bump into Ashley at an event or at the playground, she always looks polish, often opting for an all black palette and her beloved Chanel espadrilles. We've connected for many reasons, one being her penchant for gorgeous designer shoes and caring for them with Protect My Shoes. However, what we love most about Ashley is how important family is to her. Family is everything and we couldn't agree more. Enjoy getting to know Ashley and make sure to follow her as she continues to share her wonderful finds.  

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

Life’s short… buy the shoes. 

Please tell us more about what inspired you to start blogging.

I started blogging around 4 years ago. I’ve always had a love for beauty and fashion and being a newish stay at home mom, I looked for a creative outlet that would allow me to share all the things I loved. Like planning my kids parties, our day to day adventures & beauty and fashion finds. This community on Instagram is so amazing and I’ve connected with so many likeminded people with along the way. Some of who I would even call friends now! 

What do you hope to convey to your followers?

How to make mom life a little more stylish and kid life a little more fun! 

To date, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment?  

Definitely my girls 🥰 They are just the most fun, amazing little girls. They make me so proud and I’m so so lucky to be their mom! 

What is one fact that most wouldn’t know about you?

That I’m a licensed medical electrologist and Medical esthetician. But, my dream job has always been to write for a fashion magazine. Oh and that I have a fear of elevators! haha 

What is the one piece of advice or lesson you hope to instill in your kids?

That family is everything and that you’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is always changing depending on my mood. I definitely stick to neutral colors. Let’s just say I have wayyyy too much black in my closet haha. I love to elevate a basic outfit with fun accessories like big fun earrings and really great shoes and bags. 

What’s your favorite brand(s) for your kids?

It’s funny because both my girls have completely different style. They’re getting to the age where they tell me how they want to dress. They love loveee to shop so we like to mix it up! They love shopping at Elegant Child and finding cute pieces there and then at Target. 

And what are your top brands?

I am all about mixing high and low fashion. I will throw on an $8 target tank top and $20 jeans but pair it with designer shoes and bags. I love Zara, Nordstrom, Express, Saks, Target & I’ve even started dabbling in Amazon fashion finds. 

Who’s your celebrity style crush?

I love Kim K’s style. I also wish I could be as effortlessly cool as Hailey Bieber. She makes everything look good. 

What’s your go-to outfit when you’re pressed for time?

For daytime jeans, a tank top and Chanel espadrilles. For night time, probably the same but throw on a blazer and a heel. Or a long flowy dress or maxi skirt and top set and a sandal is also a fav of mine! 

What’s your fashion or beauty indulgence? 

Fashion indulgence would be designer shoes and bags. My beauty indulgence is being addicted to expensive skin care. Give me all the serums. 


What’s your favorite shoe style?

Chanel espadrilles are my signature shoe for sure. I remember when they first came out, I fell in love with them and had to have a pair. Now I think I have 11 pairs because they just look cute with everything!!

What is your dream travel destination?

Ahh I have a few. Definitely Paris, Italy and to go back to Jade Mountain in St Lucia where we went on our honeymoon. It was the most incredible trip of my life!

Which cocktail best describes your personality?

A lychee martini - they’re fun, sweet and strong

If you could have dinner with three special guests, who would they be? 

Ok this is hard!! If I had to pick, I would want to have dinner with my late grandmother who I miss so much, Carrie Bradshaw & Coco Chanel. 

On that note, make sure to follow Ashley on social media! :)

Instagram: @Styleashinboca 

TikTok: @Styleashinboca 



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