Last month, a trip to Florence led us to an eye-opening exhibition, “Sustainable Thinking,” at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo.

As written in the exhibition's introduction, “The fashion industry, for its part, embarked upon the path towards sustainability some years ago, not just through a new generation of designers but also through innovative approaches adopted by luxury brands with a consolidated market presence, using new high-performance ecological materials and optimizing production processes.”

It was especially apropos for us at Protect My Shoes as our patented shoe inserts help eliminate wasteful tissue paper found in shoes and their respective shoe boxes, not to mention that they are reusable for a lengthy period of time. 


It is so important for us all to unite towards decreasing our combined negative impact on this earth. One person alone doesn’t make a significant imprint, but when one person multiplies into millions (and then into billions), then we will experience a different outcome to be proud of. 


Here are some highlights from the exhibition. 





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