A few days ago, I had the great opportunity to meet someone that I admire, the one and only Daymond John, also known as "The People's Shark" from the mega-hit ABC show, Shark Tank, and ultra successful entrepreneur. I was also super lucky to be a part of a small round-table discussion with Daymond. Needless to say, I'm still reeling with excitement that I got to ask him several questions and receive advice. Time can't be bought, but now I truly understand why Daymond is "The People's Shark" - generous with his time and knowledge, he puts you right at ease. 

This was actually the first book signing that I've ever attended. I read a lot, but going to a book signing has never been a lure for me... until Daymond came along that is. Daymond's newest book "Rise and Grind" is a must-read ~ a reminder that we all face challenges in our daily personal and professional lives, but with the "rise and grind" mindset, obstacles become stepping stones to positive and successful outcomes. 

Going back to the round-table, I asked Daymond, "if you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?" Without hesitation, he replied, "Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Muhammed Ali." Well, if someone asked me that question, Daymond John would be sitting at my dinner table.

We created custom-pair of shoe inserts with the title of the book embroidered in gold-thread because we love the reminder to keep on working hard, day in and day out.

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