We are all guilty of buying more shoes than we actually need and they can be a real pain to store. You invest so much money on them, and it hurts to see them lying unattended in your shoe rack, feeling unloved and uncared. First, there are different occasions, then different colors, then styles like boots, sneakers, trainers, heels, slippers, and sandals. With so many reasons to buy shoes, it’s hard to keep a tab sometimes. And even harder, to manage them well.

But amid the global lockdown, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, you finally might have the chance to stop procrastinating managing your shoe wardrobe. And no, you don’t need to be a professional organizer to upgrade and organize your own space, because we have compiled a master list of todos to help you organize your messy shoe closet. It’s ultimate shoe care & organization nirvana!

1. Declutter - let it go
Some people collect shoes obsessively and impulsively. Maybe you’re one of those people and it’s ok. You are a shoe enthusiast - like us here at Protect My Shoes!

Now, as hard as it might be, you must pare down your stash that isn't going to do anything. An easy trick is to identify the footwear that you haven’t worn at all in the last 8-10 months. Realistically, unless you declutter your shoe closet, you won’t be able to make space for new ones. Seasons change, trends change and your moods change. Plus, you can’t always invest in a separate storage solution for those extra shoes. Think about all these reasons and it might be easier to part ways with some of your beloved shoes.

2. Stuff your shoes, and stuff em good!
Smashed up shoes are not a good sign. Other than the looks, it’s important to maintain the shape of shoes for your own comfort. Preserve your shoes and all that money you spend on them with these adorable printed shoe inserts that are both fashionable and functional.


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3. Categorize & Organize

The first step to organization is categorization. Separate your footwear based on two main categories:

  • The shoes you wear all the time
  • The shoes you wear occasionally

Break down the grouping further into:


  • The ones that have high heels or embellishments. These are the ones we will eventually need to store up high and far away.
  • Similar styles should stick together.
  • Shoes you wear to work should be in one group.
  • Shoes you’d wear out to dinner.
  • Shoes suited for excessive walking and working out can be the last group.

Take a moment to stare at the glorious stacks. Don’t you just love all your shoes? Great, let’s move on to the next step.


Now that you’ve neatly decluttered your wardrobe and stuffed your shoes, it’s time for the most important step - Organizing. It’s astounding how most women, even the die-hard shoe lovers at times, tend to store shoes in one shoe rack/space. Pair above pair, no box or cover, no alignment, entangling laces, etc. And no - you can’t make space in your closet by stuffing shoes inside. All these habits will spoil your footwear sooner than they should. There are plenty of ways to store your shoes. You can buy shoe storage and even DIY some. Here are three convenient examples:

  • Use a pegged coat rack: Tall boots have a tendency to flop over and take up a lot of unnecessary floor space. To avoid this, hang your boots upside down on a coat rack.

  • Slim vertical organizer: If you have a sliding closet door, buy a slim vertical organizer that ties over the closet rod (you can easily find them on IKEA or at Target). Its deep, narrow shape is optimized for all types of shoes. Each slot can fit a pair, so you end up having a lot of space for many pairs. Best case, these should be see-through organizers where you can see and easily find your day-to-day shoes.

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  • Shelf top: The top shelf of your closet is ideal to store the most expensive, delicate and heeled shoes. Arrange the shoes artfully and you can even decorate the shoe boxes by pasting a picture of the shoe outside. If you share the shoe closet with your family, you can also label the shelves by the owner’s name.

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We hope this article serves you with quick and easy ideas to kick all the shoe chaos to the curb. Once again, the trick is simply maximizing the storage space in your closet. Go ahead, try out this step by step guide and share a picture of your picture-perfect array. Don’t forget to tag us @protectmyshoes and use #ProtectMyShoes101.


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