Traveling is one of the great joys in life... venturing into the unknown is thrilling. It's discovery at its best. At Protect My Shoes, we are frequent flyers ourselves and it's one of the main catalysts behind the creation of our patent-pending signature shoe inserts. 

Yes, the excitement of traveling is unique and unparalleled; whether it be for pure pleasure, work, or a bit of both. But, there's one thing (aside from possible flight delays) that is not fun and that is packing. What to bring? How much to pack? How to make the suitcase as organized as possible despite the fact that it will get abused in-transit by multiple unknown hands that touch it? Quite frankly, just like organizing a home, packing is an art and we believe can be enjoyable with the right tools. 

Over the years after thousands of accumulated air miles, we can confidently say we've got the process fleshed out, all the way down to our shoes. Protect My Shoes is the perfect travel companion to keep shoes squished-free when jammed inside any luggage. Before our handmade shoe stuffers, we used everything from tissue paper, socks, and even underwear to "attempt" squish prevention. Now, we can all travel with peace of mind and even make the packing process more fun with vibrant and colorful shoe care travel accessories.

Bon voyage!   

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